– Organise a Web site/ Platform for the development of e-learning, for use as a basis of mutual information, contacts, development of networks and promotion of the objectives, achievements and evolution of the Project.

– The Web site/ Platform will be in use for two years more after the completion of the Project.

– Create modules that cover all the thematic areas of Open Courses of the Project.

– Develop a Course Description Model and detailed Course Descriptions covering all Open Courses of the Project.

– E-Guide to teachers and decision-makers on the development of entrepreneurship for future eco-farmers.

– Developing a network of future eco-farmers and professionals, institutions, parents, etc. to share knowledge, experiences, practices and views.

– Organization of three training activities in Greece, Romania and Germany.

– Organization of eight workshops involving students, teachers, entrepreneurs, parents, farmers, businesses men, local authorities, educational institutions and other stakeholders in the three countries.

– Organization of an initial Kick-off meeting in Evrotas and two evaluation meetings in Germany and Athens.